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Strite Industries was founded to assist companies that need ultra-precision machined components. We have worked with companies that require hundreds of thousands of mass-produced components as well as aerospace corporations that require a limited number of ultra high precision parts.

Our on-site machining capabilities include:

O/D, I/D, and centerless grinding,
surface, thread, and form grinding,
vertical and horizontal CNC machining,
CNC wire and die sink Electrical Discharge Machining,
jig boring,
CNC milling and turning,
component assembly and kitting,
heat treating,
diamond lapping and bore sizing,
magnet particle inspection.

Our finishing capabilities include:

microscopic deburring,
thermal deburring,




Having extensive resources located on-site gives Strite an enormous advantage over other manufacturers. Operations that may be outsourced by others remains in-house and under our strict quality control.


Phone: 1 (519) 658-9361

Email: sales@strite.com


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